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We help clients to create tax optimization strategies and establishing whole company structure with respect to ownership anonymity and asset protection.
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Services provided for tax optimization

Many entrepreneurs are looking for new ways and possibilities to increase profit gains according to local laws. Because of the law regulations and taxation systems differences among countries, it is possible to significantly reduce the tax burden with proper tax optimization instruments.

Tax optimization strategies and planning

In EME ADVISORS we are specializing into creating tax optimization strategies and plans based on client’s business area, profit amount and other important parameters such as current client’s company location and structure.

After analysing we suggest highly individualized solution for each case, to achieve client’s goals in a maximum extent.

Suggested solution is than applied on the client’s current business structure. We take care of establishing foreign companies for the client, prepare all the documents needed, translations, opening bank accounts etc.

Corporate structures

Planning, establishing and managing corporate structures are one of the most common requests of our clients. The base of corporate structure is usually formed by current companies within the client’s location. To the basic stucture are gradually incorporating international onshore and offshore companies and other SPVs such as trusts, foundations, trust funds, investment funds and other units to properly solve achieving client’s goals.

When creating a corporate structure, one of the most important operations is careful and thoughtful setting of relations among the particular units. Emphasis must me placed to ownership, accounting, tax and legal aspects within the framework of local regulations and valid international contracts among the countries.

Based on client’s requirements we prepare a detailed plan and strategy with possible options and pros and cons.

Foreign companies establishment

For clients who has clear idea about establishing foreign company without setting whole structure, we can take care of complete company establishment with all additional services, such as nominee, translations, legal paperwork etc.

In case of foreign companies incorporation client must have on mind, that after OECD’s Multilateral competent authority agreement enetered into force, the purpose and functioning of foreign companies could be significantly reduced. This agreement (known as GATCA) basically introduces an obligation of automatic exchange of financial account information among participant countries.

This obligation means, that all data about bank accounts, balances, transactions and other details can be accessed on a few clicks by the authorities from client’s country.

Thanks to this more or less ends classical era of tax havens such as Switzerland, Cyprus, Lichtenstein, Seychelles, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands and others. These countries had become part of the OECD’s mutual agreement and informations about bank accounts controlled by beneficial owners of foreign companies or private bank accounts are freely accessible to tax authorities.

Fortunately there are still some ways where and how to establish a company and open foreign bank account without worries from the tax authorities.

Our advisors can help you with company incorporation and bank account opening.

Opening bank accounts

Do you want to open foreign bank account? Nowadays the options are quite limited because of the OECD’s GATCA agreement. This agreement allows to tax and other authorities automatically access to informations about bank accounts, balances, transactions and other highly private data.

Countries, that have signed this agreement basically completely abandoned former banking secrecy. Private banks in Switzerland, Lichtenstein and other countries, that were previously guarantee of privacy of financial information, had to adapt to these new conditions and regulations.

Fortunately there are few other possibilities left and which we can provide you. These are foreign bank accounts in Dubai and United Arab Emirates, Singapure and in some other countries.

Transactional and cashflow management

While creating a corporate structure you should also focus on correct transactional management and cashflow within the structure. If this is done right, you can avoid many problems with authorities.

Every single transaction and every payment should have its receipt which can be than shown to authorities on demand. Business relations among the units of the structure must have all legal documents prepared in advance and each unit must have the responsible person chosen wisely. Once the tax authority control is announced, it is usually late to start creating all the paperworks.

We help clients to avoid all the risks related to business and cash transactions among the companies in the corporate structure.

Onshore/offshore companies

Whether to choose onshore, offshore or both companies for your corporate structure depends on your individual business and demanded purpose. Our consultants help clients prepare corporate structure as good as possible to properly serve client’s goals.

Onshore companies are usually understood as more reliable, based in advanced economies such as EU and OECD member countries with stable legal and regulatory environment. Onshore companies are usually used within the international trade where the greater prestige is demanded. Using onshore companies in the corporate structure is interesting in the situations where client wants to achieve more stable and more favorable business environment in compare with his home country.

Offshore companies are on the other hand understood as legal entities in developing economies and not as a members OECD. Reasons for establishing an offshore companies can be several. Many offshore jurisdictions attract entrepreneurs on more favourable taxes, less regulatory environment, byrocracy, administrative burden and also less transparent ownership structures which may be sometimes desired. In comparison with onshore companies, image and prestige of offshore companies is generally worse.

Do you need help with finding the right onshore or offshore jurisdiction for you? Contact us to get more information.

Ready made companies

Sometimes there may be circumstances where a client needs a company that has already been existing for some time. Especially in cases of tax planning, this may be desirable.

In such cases, we can offer clients ready made foreign companies that may be helpful to achieve client’s goals within his corporate structure.

Our actual offer depends on the requirements of the client, especially on the suitable jurisdiction, and the age of the company.

Ready made companies are free from all liabilities and has not been used for performing any business activity yet. It is therefore a company founded as an empty shell.

Legal documents preparation

For the entire company or corporate structure establishment we will prepare all necessary legal documents, such as documents for incorporation, powers of attorney and more.

Directors and nominee services

For clients who don’t want to be visible in business registers of companies, we provide nominee services for directors and shareholders.

Nominee director than acts as the official director managing the company in front of authorities. Client has the possibility to revoke him at any point.

Nominee shareholder is an entity which is visible in business registers holding the shares of the company.

To set maximum privacy options of the beneficial owner, we strongly recommend using the nominee services.

Tax residency change

In a globalized world, there are many jurisdictions that have more favorable tax conditions than the home country where the client is located. Within tax optimization, in some cases it is possible to change a tax residency to one of these jurisdictions and take advantage of the benefits it offers. This option can be very useful especially once the OECD’s mutual agreement on automatic exchange of financial information comes into force.

Our advisors will be happy to provide you detailed information about tax residency change.

Translation services

We can take care of all necessary documents translations needed while creating a corporate structure or establishing a company.

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