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All range of services that will help you use potential and opportunities in Middle East and spread your activities.
What can we offer

Business development services and investments

We offer our clients whole portfolio of services they can possibly need when doing business in Europe or Middle East. 

Business development in Middle East markets

Are you looking for new opportunites for your business? We specialize in business development and consulting for growing economies in Middle East and we can help you with all kind of specific needs and requirements while entering new markets with ensuring all legal aspects. Read more.

International trade services and consulting for ME markets

You already find out which country you would like to target and you need an assitance with exporting your services or goods? You are in the right place. Read more.

Investment strategies for Middle East

Do you want to invest in emerging markets and growing economies with amazing possibilities of profit? Middle East countries can be the right choice for investing your money. Read more.

Tax optimization, asset protection, ownership anonymity

Whether you have a stake in a large partnership, runing a small business, or own one or more rental properties, our advisors carefully assess the details of your individual situation and goals you want to achieve. We then recommend an array of solutions for tax planning and asset protection.

Tax optimization

According to your specific needs, we will prepare you corresponding tax optimization strategy to achieve your goals. We can establish whole structure with all legal documents needed. If you need to protect your assets and money we can provide you our asset protection services as well. Read more.

Asset protection

You succeeded to accumulate wealth and you are looking for ways to protect it from third parties? We will analyze your indvidual situation and possible risks to avoid and will recommend you working strategies how to proceed. We will also take care of all legal structures establishment to protect your assets. Read more.


Brand protection in Middle East

Do you want to protect your brand? We can take care of entire trademark process, from consultation, world-wide trademark applications and also take care of managing and monitoring your trademarks usage and preventing of possible infringements and fraudalent abuse by third parties. Read more.

Living and residency, travelling, other services

Our consulting services include helping with the necessary formalities and procedures, that will allow you to make the most of potential and opportunities connected with the new location.

Travelling to Middle East

With multi-cultural workforce and through our regional offices and advisors all around the Middle East  we are able to provide support to companies and individuals globally and locally with the services they need including visa permissions. Read more.


Other consulting services

Our all-embracing services supporting individuals, families and employees while doing business and trading, studying or travelling or moving to different countries all over the world. If needed, we can prepare you individual on demand services. Read more.

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Our advisors will be happy to help you with your specific requests and needs. Do not hesitate to contact us and get consultation for free.

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EME ADISORS is european based consulting company with branches in Middle East and direct link to Middle East. We provide our services to help our clients grow their business, development and we also ease individuals living abroad.

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