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See what opportunities you can find in Dubai and United Arab Emirates.
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United Arab Emirates – one of the top business destinations

Currently United Arab Emirates and especially Dubai are one of the most interesting countries for business. UAE are forming bridge between Europe and Asia and becoming one of the most import financial and business centers of the of the world.

Financial center of the new age

Through the UAE currently flowing investments worth billions of dollars. Dubai and Abu Dhabi form a modern financial center of the Middle East and convey international trade and money transactions to many countries of the world.

      Diversified economy

      UAE has an open economy and has a high per capita income and large annual trade surplus. After the financial crisis in 2008 – 2009 were made many measures at the government level which currently creating a diversified economy, attracting foreign investors and money flowing to UAE.

          Regional leader in stability and investments

          Mainly due to the discovery of oil in the UAE more than 35 years ago, there was a transformation of the country to a state with a high standard of living. At present, the United Arab Emirates attract travelers from all over the world to visit the incredible architectural achievements.

              Overwhelming life opportunities

              The high standard of living and relatively high incomes of the population of the United Arab Emirates can be used almost limitless opportunities for entertainment and leisure time. Such opportunities in other countries surrounded by the desert is not possible to find anywhere in the world.

                  Free trade zones

                  United Arab Emirates attract foreign investors thanks to the possibility of free trade zone companies establishment, which are favored zero tax revenues and can operate internationally arround the world. Emirates are therefore considered a tax haven, but in comparison with other tax havens are Emirates fully developed and functioning unit and economy.

                      Most liberal regime in Gulf

                      In comparison with other countries are the United Arab Emirates considered one of the most liberal countries in the Gulf. Emirates has become a cosmopolitan state and a large part of the population are Europeans, Americans, Indians and Chinese.

                      Well connected to rest of the world

                      TThe UAE are very well connected to the rest of the world, mainly due to the Emirates, Dubai’s airline, rapidly expanding their fleet networks with their flights all around the world.

                      Progresively growing

                      UAE is gradually trying to diversify its economy, minimize vulnerability to oil price movements and try to attract investments into new emerging areas.

                      Dubai as your starting point

                      If you want to start international business activities with low or zero taxation, Dubai is suitable just for you. You can also safely invest here and allocate the already accumulated funds in profitable assets.

                      • Dubai is considered as one of the most interesting countries for investing and business in general. Excellent conditions for business attract entrepreneurs and investors from around the world. Good infrastructure, stable political system, transparent business environment and support for entrepreneurs from the government are just some of the reasons why everyone from small investors to large corporations are searching for business opportunities in Dubai. Foreign trade and investments are very important for the Emirate of Dubai and its economy and that is why the state is creating a variety of incentive programs that will help in the future development of the country.
                      • Many entrepreneurs have established their companies in free trade zone areas, through which they control business activities worldwide. This allows them to take advantage of all benefits of business unit allocation in Dubai.
                      • Establishing a company in Dubai is due to forward-thinking policies by the government relatively simple and quick. But always it depends on the type of business, certain types of business activities may require special permits.
                      • Minimum taxation is a huge advantage over many other developed economies, investors often use Dubai companies within tax planning strategies. Only three sectors are affected by a higher tax: business in oil industry, banking and tobacco processing.
                      • The government of Dubai has a long-term strategy how to attract business investors for a purpose of further economic growth and future development of the whole region. That is the guarantee, that the economy is going to be supported at least in the following decade. 

                      Quick facts about Dubai


                      Capital: Dubai


                      Population: 9.5 million


                      Language: Arabic


                      Currency: UAE dirham (AED)


                      GDP per Capita: 67,696$


                      Total area: 83,600 Km2

                      Business, investments, living and studying in Dubai and UAE

                      Find out more about business, life and opportunities in Dubai and United Arab Emirates.

                      Business in Dubai

                      Starting a company in Dubai is nothing difficult  and almost everyone can establish one. It all depends on what you want to do. Some very specialized business activities may require some special permission, but most common activities do not.

                      Many entrepreneurs use Dubai and the UAE as an intermediary country for their business transactions. The fact that Dubai is a rapidly growing economy, it is possible to take advantage of many opportunities which Dubai offers. For many businesses Dubai represents a prestigious location to place a company. Another reason is, of course, tax optimization and asset protection.

                      If you want to start a business in Dubai, it is important what kind of business you are in. In the UAE, there are several types of companies and each is suitable for something else according to its purpose. The main types of companies are offshore companies, free zone companies and LLC companies. LLC company is required especially in the cases when you want to trade within the UAE. For establishing the LLC company in Dubai, it is necessary to find a local partner.

                      Do you want to start a business in Dubai? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you with the company establishment according to your requirements and settings of the entire business process.

                      Investments in Dubai

                      Dubai attracts foreign investors to many exciting opportunities with high profits. Because the fact, that the economy in Dubai has been growing for several years in a row, of course, there is a strong demand for new investment opportunities.

                      Foreign investors are still very interested in investing in real estate in Dubai. These investments are relatively safe and stable income with higher profit in compare with real estate in many European countries. E.g. for investments in residential projects profitability is 7-13% p. a. There is not necessary to speculate on the growth in property prices in the future (this is just a pleasant bonus), because the income of rental properties is high enough for a safe middle-term investment. Within the real estate market it is possible to participate in direct investments of the constructions of new development projects. But here is already necessary to count with higher risk.

                      In Dubai it is also possible to invest in various startup projects but also in existing companies. There is also relatively easy to find synergies with the existing activities of many investors in their home countries.

                      Want to know more about investing in Dubai? We will advise you further details at personal meeting. Contact us.

                      Living in Dubai

                      For many people, it may be a dream living in Dubai. It is a modern, vibrant city that offers its residents such opportunities that you will not find in many places. Dubai is a very cosmopolitan city and the population consists of many different nationalities and people from around the world. A plenty of leisure activities is available to all who have no problem to pay for it. Life in Dubai is relatively expensive, but if you want, even here you are able to live in lowcost mode. Due to the fact that currently the economy continues to grow, there are opening new and new employment and business opportunities every day.

                      Weather in Dubai is almost no rain and temperatures in the high season reaching in extreme cases up to almost 50 degrees Celsius. All facilities, shops and hotels are so unstable air conditioning is turned on when the temperature inside is some 22 to 24 degrees Celsius. Travelers who are not like extreme temperatures are used, they can cause health complications. Because of the dessert and sand all around Dubai, the clima you have to get used to it and the air looks a little bit foggy.

                      Despite the fact that Dubai is a Muslim country, it is still very liberal to other nationalities and religions. That is one reason why it is so popular for many Europeans and US people.

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