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Iran and Middle East – future destinations for the international trade and business

Despite some political, economical and armed conflicts, regions of Middle East are very attractive destination for future foreign investments. It would be very irresponsible to ignore facts, that Middle East is going to grow rapidly in the nearest future. Do not let your competition win and occupy the market instead of you.

Rapidly modernizing markets

The Middle East countries are spending billions of dollars to modernize their market base and structures. This modernization policy has created opportunities not only for domestic companies but for the foreign companies and investors as well.

Natural wealth and resources

The Middle East countries have extensive wealth of natural resources; half of the world’s oil and natural reserves of gas. These and other natural resources unique to each region of the Middle East offer more and more space for foreign investments and possible business opportunities.

Strategic geographical location
The Middle East is very important due to its strategic geographical location. It is a link between the four continents – Europe, Africa, Asia and India. Mainly because of this, it is very likely to expect its rapid growth in the near future and becoming one of the most important centers of international trade.

Attractive tax benefits
At present, countries of the Middle East attract foreign investors to transparent tax systems, under which investors can do business within the region or worldwide with a very low or even zero taxes. This is a huge benefit in comparison to the European countries.
Wide investment possibilities
Middle East is becoming a very popular destination for foreign investors. Even though the region faces several political and economical challenges, Middle East offers various investment opportunities. The governments have spent considerable budget on different sectors rather than relying on oil and gas projects solely. It provides a wide range of investment options such as exchange-traded funds, infrastructure, agriculture, clean energy, water structure, IT, etc.

Unsaturated demand for foreign products
Foreign investors can benefit from heigh and continuously increasing demand for foreign goods and services, which is still far from being saturated.

Educated workforce and professionals
Though it seems it doesn’t, some Middle East countries have a high-quality workforce that is highly educated and can be used within the projects of foreign investors.

Iran – your way use unrepeatable opportunities

After many years of sanctions is Iran free again to join global international trade and financial markets. Opporunity of this size happens rarely. Do not let yourself to slip it away.

  • Government incentives to attract foreign investment: Although the oil and gas sector gets the most attention, Iran’s government is trying to attract companies across industries and makes its economy more diversified. In particular, consumer-oriented sectors are counting on Iran’s numerous (nearly 80 million), young (more than 60% under 30 years old), and urbanized (more than 70%) population to be loyal customers in the future.

  • Diversified economy: Iran’s economy is becoming well diversified. At present, more than 40 different types of industry are traded on the Tehran Stock Exchange. This is unique in comparison with other countries within the Middle East region.

  • Privatization: Most state-owners firms have become privatized under the general policies, thus the shares can be bought by investors.

  • Post sanction situation: Most financial and economic sanctions against Iran were lifted because of the nuclear deal. Since 16 January 2016 Iran has become the part of global trade and financial markets again and aside some exceptions Iran is now able to trade freely. Thanks to it, the country is experiencing foreign investments worth billions of dollars which is driving post-sanction development.

  • Strategic geographical location of Iran: It is the only country with both a Caspian Sea and an Indian Ocean coastline access. Proximity to the Strait of Hormuz, brings Iran one of the most best geostrategic locations and with Iran is calculated when building the new Silk Road connecting with China.

  • Free trade-industrial zones: There are many benefits investors and businessmen enjoy when starting a business in Iran free zones, like:
    • 100% foreign ownership
    • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
    • 0% intertrade corporate and personal tax
    • exemption from all import and export duties
    • low-cost workforce and easy recruitment process

  • Cultural heritage: The country’s tourism sector is still waiting for its huge boom and development. Iran attracted less than six million visitors in 2015 while neighboring Turkey visited more than 39 million people. Iran is also in the top ten countries of UNESCO world’s heritage cultural sites.

Quick facts about Iran


Capital: Tehran


Population: 82.8 million


Language: Persian


Currency: Rial (IRR)


GDP per Capita: 18,135 $


Total area: 1,648,195 Km2


Neighbouring countries: Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan

Business, investments and visiting Iran

Find out even more about business activities in Iran, possible investment opportunities and travelling information for visiting Iran.

Business in Iran and Middle East

Iran’s biggest potentional for business opportunities for entrepreneurs all arround the world was started on 16 January 2016 when the sanctions against Iran were lifted after the confirmation from International Atomic Energy Agency, that Iran had met its obligations under the nuclear deal. Since that date is Iran able to trade freely on the global markets again. This is very significant opportunity for many business and international trade sectors.

Such a big opportunity happens very rarely at present time. Iran is one the biggest new market has entered the global economy in decades. For foreign investors can be very attractive 100% foreign owned company registrations, with no need of local partnership in mainland of Iran. There are basically 7 different types of companies possible to register in Iran. The most favorable one is the private limited liability company in Iran, with the least of initial capital of one dollar and a 3 week registration procedure.

In 2016 the EU trade with Iran was only worth around USD 8 billion. The increase for 2018 is expected four times more.

Do you want to be a part of the game in Iran’s development? We can help you with establishing a company in Iran and with all business procedures.

Investments in Iran and Middle East

The Iranian government is eager to attract foreign investments and technology transfers to all sectors of the economy: infrastructure, mining, pipelines, healthcare, construction, retail, airplane and airports, clean energy and water etc.

Foreign investors in Iran are required to register at the relevant government offices and they are strongly recommended to have their legal mentoring to ensure they have identified all requirements. 

Our advisors can be help you through whole process and even for finding a relevenat business partner in Iran. Contact us for more information.

Visiting Iran

Iran’s visitors discover a country of numerous ethnic groups and a culture revealing traces of Arab, Greek, Mongol, and Turkish influences. Sightseeing in Iran allows you to follow in the ancient footsteps of a former world power, especially at Persepolis, an old Persian capital established long before the birth of Christ and burned down by Alexander of Macedonia.

Other highlights on an Iranian itinerary may include visits to cozy teahouses, busy Bazars, vast beautiful deserts, nomad’s life and rugged mountains presiding over plains, forests, sea and meandering rivers. With 19 UNESCO world heritage sites, incredible natural wonders and its very old history Iran has become a hot travel destination over decades. Iranians are hospitable, generous and friendly people. The country has always been safe and you will have nothing to worry about during your travel to Iran.

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