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Why to choose Europe as the best destination for you?

Discover the reasons, why should you consider Europe as a perfect destination for your business, living and studying.

One of the world’s largest market

Any business in the EU can benefit from very wide European market of 27 countries with around 500 million consumers.

    Free trading among members:

    One of the most interesting benefits that are offered to the member countries of the EU is that they are able to trade with other members at no additional duties.


        Free movement of people, goods, services and capital between all 27 member countries of European Union is one of the biggest advantages of the EU market. You may choose to provide services in another EU country and if you comply with the rules of the profession or trade that apply in one EU country, you can offer your services anywhere else within the EU.

            Secured investment environment

            Highly stable economic and political environments provide the necessary security for business investments. Contractual agreements are secure and intellectual property is strictly protected.


                The other major reason why to choose European Union rather than other destinations is the diversity of industries in various countries within the EU. Every industrial sector in EU can be possible niche for your expansion and is in the need of foreign investment.

                    Real estate

                    Because of the structure and diversity of European Union and range of countries with possibility to invest, real estate sector of EU markets is very attractive for real estate investors. The diverse property opportunities across the Union and the well-positioned rental markets have already attracted many of foreign investors. Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Romania are the top destinations for investing in real estate and gaining profit.

                    Quality of life

                    One of very attractive benefit of living in the EU is that in most cases there works very strong cooperation among countries. The quality of life with EU is on very high level, especially in compare with emeging economies. All EU citizens and residents are equal, they can travel freely and settle in any EU country without special permissions.

                    Excellent choice for studying

                    High quality university programs, facilities, research and internationally-recognized degrees are just a part bringing success for those who study within EU. With european university degrees you have your possibilities wide opened for you future career. In many cases, there are possibilities to recieve soma scholarships and grants so studying in EU can be really good value for money.

                    See why to start your EU life in Czech Republic

                    We recommend our clients to start their European activities in the heart of Central Europe, in Czech Republic. Besides very good geographical location there are many other reasons to do so and starting here is for many clients much easier.

                    • We won’t bore you with historical facts about Czech Republic (CR), except the few most important. Czech Republic was formerly part of Czechoslovakia and became independent in 1993. Nowadays, the official name is Czechia, so you can hear this name too.
                    • At the present time, the CR is one of the most developed industrial economies in Central and Eastern Europe and it is often called as the “gate to Europe” or “heart of Europe”. Czech industry is mainly focused on metallurgy, engineering, car industry, electronic industry, chemistry, food and beverages processing, and production of glass, medicaments, textile and paper. Industry makes up 41% of the gross domestic product (GDP).The largest part of the country’s GDP comes from the service sector (55%).
                    • The majority of economic output of CR is exported third countries and therfore is CR considered as a connection line with Western Europe. CR can be very attractive for foreign investments and for huge projects. There are possibilities to recieve tax incentives on governmental level.
                    • Czech companies have a reputation of reliable partners and suppliers of high quality products, technologies and services.
                    • The most important trade partners of the CR are Germany (31.9%), Slovakia, Poland, France, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Great Britain, China and the USA.
                    • For many investors is CR very interesting because of a stable political environment, low business costs in compare with Western countries, highly educated specialists, language skilled workforce and reasonable costs of living. Last but not least allocating your business in Czech Republic let you draw all the advantages of European Union country.

                    Quick facts about Czechia


                    Capital: Prague


                    Population: 10.5 million


                    Language: Czech


                    Currency: Czech koruna (CZK)


                    GDP per Capita: 32,622 $


                    Total area: 78,866 Km2


                    Neighbouring countries: Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Poland

                    Business, investments, living and studying in Czech Republic

                    Find out more about business, life and opportunities in Czech Republic.

                    Business in Czech Republic

                    Czech Republic is one of the top business destinations for clients outside the Europe. Foreign legal entities are able to perform business and trade activities, acquire properties and have similar rights as Czech entities. Foreign legal entity may become partial or 100 % shares owner of the company established in CR.

                    Through the company established in CR it is even easier to perform business activities and it can be used for international trading within the European Union. Foreign companies are able to operate in CR either by establihing new company or establishing registered branch office. The most common legal form of companies in CR is s.r.o. (limited liability company) and a.s. (joint-stock company). For some individual cases, there is a possibility to establish a company with anonymous ownership.

                    Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about establishing a company in Czech Republic.

                    Investments in Czech Republic

                    For many investors is Czech Republic very interesting. In the past CR attracted many industrial investors for a large amount of foreign direct investment. Nowadays is the economy strongly oriented to services. Because of the location in Central Europe, highly skilled labour and acceptable business costs, CR is becoming serious partner for startup investments and currently attracts real estate investors as well.

                    For all type of investors, we can also find individual investments on demand according to prescribed requirements.

                    Key advantages of the Czech Republic as an investment location: 

                    • central Europe location
                    • skilled and experienced labour
                    • stable investment environment and political situationh
                    • high share of secondary and tertiary education on the labour market
                    • high-quality infrastructure
                    • acceptable business costs and price stability
                    • European Union membership and all the advantages related
                    • transparent system of investment incentives
                    • mentality, culture and attitudes close to western countries
                    • good quality of life


                    Let us help you with allocating your capital and investing in Czech Republic.

                    Living in Czech Republic

                    For many people, investors, business men, employees and students is Czech Republic very attractive country to live. Location in Central Europe helps to easily move back and forth all around the world, so even people who spend a lot of time in motion can find their safe harbour in CR. The biggest opportunities for people are in the main cities Prague, Brno, Pilsen and others. Same as everywhere on the planet, everything depend on the personality of each individual, his lifestyle, life goals and wishes. Someone can say, that in compare with other European big countries is CR too small, but it is the exact opposite. CR offers something for everyone and life in CR can be very filling and interesting on one hand and safe and stable on the other.

                    CR has an incredible number of cultural sites, lovely historical towns and marvelous countryside and nature. The weather depends on the part of the year, summer is usually sunny a temperatures from 25 to 35 degrees Celsius, winter can be mild but freezing as well with temperatures up to minus 20 degrees Celsius. You can travel to the Czech Republic anytime of the year and spend ideal holiday or at least a short break.

                    Bigger cities can provide you very colorful nightlife and there are also plenty of places to spend your leisure time. Foreigners appreciate traditional Czech and international cuisine and beer lovers will feel like in heaven. 

                    In comparison with the big Western European Union countries, the living costs in CR are much more favourable.

                    Studying in Czech Republic

                    Discover, how studying abroad can be inspiring for your future life. CR is an ideal country to learn a lot about European lifestyle and gain invaluable experiences. 

                    We will show you some of the reasons why many of international students have chosen Czech Republic as their educational and cultural destination.

                    • one of the best educational systems in European Union
                    • excellent quality-price ratio (in comparison to other countries with an equally good educational reputation)
                    • possibility to choose one of many unique programs from different universities
                    • convenient geographical location
                    • affordable costs of living
                    • colorful history
                    • attractive night life
                    • plenty places to spend your leisure time
                    • first step to your European life

                    Why should you use our services?

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                    Complexity od services

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                    Working solutions

                    We don’t lure clients for unaccomplishable solutions and we know, that only happy client can recommend us further. That’s why we stand by proposed solutions.

                    Experience & professionality

                    All our employees and co-workers are carefully educated with regard to long-term experience and professionality. We also care for knowledge in modern trends of international relations.

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