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Let us help you with your investments and allocating money in Middle East.
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Are you looking for a consultation partner who can help you find good investment opportunities in Middle East? We offer consultation services to help you create functional investment portfolio according to your risk profile, objectives and investment resources value.

Strategic asset allocation consulting

Unlock the potential of huge profits brought by investing in the Middle East!

Combining our international experience and knowledge of local markets enables us to effectively search for interesting investment opportunities in the Middle East countries, which are currently a very lucrative goal of allocating the finances of many investors.

Investments in the Middle East are generally more risky, but they also make it possible to achieve very high profits in comparison with invested funds. In view of the risk, we always search for clients individual type of investment to feel comfortable and never be exposed to excessive risk. Our consultants are ready to carry you through the investment process.

Let us prepare you with an appropriate investment strategy for the Middle East!

Property investments

We provide to investors a complete, transparent & fully customizable property management services in Dubai, Iran and other ME countries, including:

  • finding you the best property investment based on your budget and your requirements
  • representation in negotiations with sellers and real estate agencies
  • legal services
  • getting your property furnished and ready for rental
  • property insurance
  • tax registrations
  • mortgages and third party financial services
  • renting your property and gaining income
      Direct foreign investments

      Do you want to invest in emerging markets and growing economies with amazing possibilities of profit? Middle East countries can be the right choice for investing your money.

      We provide insights into specific trade and investment opportunities in Dubai, Iran, Iraq, etc. across various sectors such as oil and gas, infrastructure, retail, tourism, and so on.

      Investing with our assistance is giving you the chance to use our business network and get first-hand information about current investment opportunities.

          Startup investments

          Do you want to participate in modern investing to new startup companies, which can become profit stars and golden eggs? We help individual investors and large investment funds to seek suitable opportunities and allocate available funds with very high profits potential, but of course with the appropriate risks too.

          With our risk-management department we do an initial assessment of the risks of investment opportunities presented to clients. We strictly eliminate cases of high risk.

          We also work with some startup accelerators, through which it is also possible to invest.

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              Iran and Middle East

              Do you feel the potential of Middle East markets? Let’s find out how you can grow your business.

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              United Arab Emirates

              Are you interested in tax optimization and asset protection? UAE are no. 1 for many clients.

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              EME ADISORS is european based consulting company with branches in Middle East and direct link to Middle East. We provide our services to help our clients grow their business, development and we also ease individuals living abroad.

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