Investments in EU markets

Find out how we can help you with acquiring new investments the secure way.
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Investment services

If you want to allocate your funds to stable political markets such as European countries, we can help you process the investment from beginning to the successfull end with emphasis to the security and maximum profit.

Strategic asset allocation consulting

Our experts help investors with their investment portfolio and wealth managment. Providing in-depth analysis of market movements and economic conditions of selected markets helps clients to wisely decide where and to which assets invest the capital.

Clients are in touch with our advisors thus will be informed when interesting investment opportunities occure and advisors will guide you through whole investment process.

We design strategies tailored to investors with evaluating their risk profile and demanded solutions.

Property investments

For clients who are planning to invest in property sector in Europe we provide a complete transparent and in-detail consultations and property management services, including:

  • finding you the most suitable investment option based on your budget and preferences
  • getting properties completed, insured, bills set up & tax registered
  • third party financing and mortgages options
  • taking care of furtger property rental and management
  • getting you property furnished
  • providing all legal services connected (purchase contracts, rental contracts etc.)
      Direct foreign investments

      Do you want to invest your money into stable economies and diversify your portfolio of investments outside the Middle East region? 

      We provide dedicated services for companies looking to set up regional operations in European countries. We work with government agencies, business associations, and professional service providers in many european countries to provide seamless and integrated services in banking issues, stock and bond markets, real state and legal advisory to facilitate your business expansion throughout the region to help you decide right.

      Based on your requirements, we can seek suitable investment opportunities for you. We have already succesfully connected some business units from Middle East with its European counterparts and have invested money into direct partial ownership of European companies.

          Startup investments

          If you are looking for investments to modern technology dedicated companies, we can offer you opportunities to take over partial ownerships in some startup projects within the Central Europe and with a global potential.

          Suitable investments are offered individually according to investor’s risk profile and allocated asssets. Startup investing can be sometimes high risky, but we do our best to seek only for proven companies. To some, we also provide legal services, so we can guarantee legal due-dilligience results. 

          We also cooperate with some startups accelerators that collect interesting business projects across various areas of action.

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                EME ADISORS is european based consulting company with branches in Middle East and direct link to Middle East. We provide our services to help our clients grow their business, development and we also ease individuals living abroad.

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