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In case of international trade between ME and Europe, we can help you with many processes and provide you assistance services.
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Services provided for your international trade

Whether you’re looking for suppliers, customers or distributors to help you expand your global reach, EME ADVISORS will help you build the relationships necessary for functional international trade and take care of all related processes and administration.

Feasibility study and market research

If you are planning to enter the market with a specific goods or services we can provide all necessary destination informations and regulations, statistic and trade data related to your selected market. With a comprehensive SWOT analysis of your target market you can decide more efficiently.

For clients we also develop a feasibility study including detailed market research to determine the potential demand, competition saturation and risks of the selected market.

Other areas covered by our research include:

  • local economic and socioeconomic factors
  • physical conditions
  • political and legal conditions
  • cultural conditions such as: aesthetics, attitudes and beliefs, religion, material culture and language.
Import/export consultations

We help you gain access to a comprehensive global trade knowledge with emphasis to European countries and EU. Our advisors will support you to improve the efficiency of your trade, become a trustworthy trader and reduce risks of cross-border transactions.

Our Middle East clients experience prompt and effective import-export consultancy attending to commodity selection, tax rates and duties, import and export restrictions, exchange rates, methods of customs clearance, letters of credit, insurance requirements, domestic and international shipping and transportation regulations, tariff classifications, concessions and appraisals, etc.

Shipping and logistics

All international trade leads, as it can sometimes be difficult to organize proper international transport while keeping cost effectivity.

We assist in the process of finding the quickest, safest and most cost effective way to get your products from point one to another point. Whether it be by air, land or sea, we will find the best option for you.

Selling and promoting

We have our own marketing team whose main duty is to contact local buyers, and make the product visible in the local market.

If required, we can also be helpful with our graphic department which specializes in branding and designing of advertising materials. This can help you correctly target the specific distinctions and converting them into one of your strategic advantages.

If you only want be in a supplier role, we can help you to find B2B representative to take care of all the sales services on the selected market.

Regulatory consulting

Our network of business partners and full knowledge of local market and legal landscape allows us to properly address all internal regulations and policies; such as product registrations, certificates, etc.


We ensure your products and services reach the end consumer on an ongoing basis.

Cargo insurance

Insure your trade transactions with help of our focused consultations.

International trade insurances usually refers to:

  • preserve your business from commercial and political risks
  • flexible trade insurance and payment plan to fit your trade
  • applying for reimbursement
Trade dispute resolution services

Our experts help clients solve  financial complexities in commercial disputes across all Europe countries and industrial sectors and clarify a dispute with a cost-effective resolution process.

Experienced lawyers team assist clients during every stage of a contested matter, they carefully assess each case, analyse damages, and discover the most suitable case strategy.

Customs duties

Import duties and some taxes are inevitable parts of international trade. We assist you to deal it in an efficient, accurate and fast way.


  • representation in negotiations with authorities
  • administrative proceedings of the process of receiving purchased commodities
  • managing all export/import documentation and any additional paper works
  • calculating custom duties, VAT and other charges and taxes that may be imposed based on customs classifications and regulations
Import of high technology goods from Europe

Reduced cost and increased efficiency is what we offer you! Our services allow importers to access markets beyond the Middle East. We help you find the best high tech option for you and assist you to save time and money!

During the buying period, you will have a local service manager for all your questions, and in the case of any incident, you have our full support; to handle insurance paperwork, guarantees and returns, VAT and other to keep your business rolling.

Exporting to EU

We can assist you with all aspects of your international trade, from company establishment, choosing a reliable business partners, regulations on importing cultural goods, getting European certifications, carriers and routes selections, as well as EU Customs clearance, warehousing and distribution channel. We can can also conduct negotiations and dispute resolution on your behalf at importing country.

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