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We offer our clients whole portfolio of services they can possibly need when doing business in Europe or Middle East. We also provide services connected with living in foreign countries, such as visa and imigration assistance and many more.

Searching for potential markets in Europe

Are you looking for new opportunities for your business? We specialize in business development and consulting in Europe. We help our clients achieve their goals while entering new markets. According to specified requirements we take care of preparation and realization phase of whole process. All steps are carefully planned and consulted with legal company, which can provide full legal support range.

If you decieded to develop your business activities and target to Europe, we can:

  • help you define your needs, actively search suitable market destination and evaluate market potential
  • assist you to find business opportunities and right partners based on your technology and compatibilities, trade or manufacturing requirements
  • connect you with innovative businesses across the Europe, whether this is for distribution of products, supplying, licensing a technology, manufacturing or joint ventures
Market research and data analysis

You already specified locations where you would like to target? We can assist you with our extensive knowledge and business networks to equip you with all relevant business informations and data.

Our market specialists can:

  • prepare business opportunity analysis and market research
  • find the right partner, price & place to go in European market
  • analyze current and future market trends
  • estimate possible demand for your products or services
  • provide you competitors analysis and market segmentation

As a foreign investor you can leverage from our in-depth understanding of local European markets to clearly achieve more transparency and detailed info to be able to make the best business decisions.

Our team will support you in identifying long-term business growth drivers for your company within European markets.

    Business planning

    For doing business in foreign countries, it’s even more important to prepare proper business plan than in your home country. Business plan can be needed for legal authorities when applying for business visa, for third party financing and even for you, because it can contain relevant data for your smooth launch on the foreign market.

    Based on the business plan, you will be able to manage your business activities and monitor the progress of goals achievement. 

    We strongly encourage our clients to not to underestimate planning phase, because this way, it’s possible to avoid many basic risks.

    Our advisors can prepare you a business plan based on your requirements and information. Business plan usually contains these parts: 

    • main summary of the business and answers for the questions “What, where, who, why?
    • recommended legal entity structure
    • feasibility study
    • financial projections
    • marketing analysis
    • project planning
    • SWOT analysis
    • goals and milestones
    • other necessary informations

    We help you refine your ideas, fill gaps in your plan and formulate your business strategies with carefully reviewing and assessing your assumption and doing lots of market research. We can also design brand strategy according to your competitive advantages.

      Company establishment

      Company establishment services form A to Z, not only registering your company. Our professional advisors will help you to find the right form of the company according to purpose and use of the company. Each business has it owns reguirements and specifications so we will help you to find the right form of your newly established company.

      We even specialize in establishing foreign structures and holdings. We will help you create the right structure for your business after the individual assessment.

      Our services:

      • company set-up
      • tax registrations
      • representation in the matters of incorporation and dealing with legal authorities
      • VAT registration
      • establishing a bank account and initial capital deposit
      • legal documents preparation
      • basic tax and accounting services
      • hiring workforce
      • renting office or virtual address
      • mail handling and forwarding,
      • administrative assistant
      • many more

      If client is in a hurry or needs to set up a company with a history, we can provide clean ready made companies for purchase.

          Establishing branch or representative office

          We provide professional corporate solutions and and consulting services to clients seeking to establish an official representative in Europe, beyond their own national borders.

          We offer sophisticated international corporate structuring and we can arrange superior partnership to meet demands for entrepreneurs from Middle East.

          Thanks to our business network, we can connect clients with European partners and help to establish branch or representative office or even joint-ventures. 

          We provide full information and assistance in incorporation formalities, publishing information and marketing.

              HR assistance and workforce hiring

              We know that skilled team can move your company very much forward. That’s one of the reasons we help companies with HR and workforce hiring matters to find the best employees and co-workers.

              According to your business specifics we can help you identify your workforce needs and than help you find suitable candidates based on the skills demanded. We cooperate with employment agencies so we can provide first candidates quite quickly and after selecting the best candidates we than prepare all legal paperworks and also communicate with authorities to meet all conditions set by law.

              Financial planning and accounting

              For clients who want to take care of financial planning and accounting, we are ready to provide our services. We ensure a comprehensive solution based on specified business activities and extent of demanded service.

              All strategies are carefully prepared with respect to the objectives that the client wants to achieve.

              Primarily included services:


              • planning the financial costs and incomes according to marketing plans and strategies and as well according to data from former periods
              • determining the necessary funds for the smooth running of the company and positive cashflow
              • assessment of all risks and issues related to the financial needs and cashflow 
              • assisting with third party financing
              • accounting with respect to local laws and taxation regulations
              Tax optimization

              Our tax planning experts will help you set up fully functional strategy for tax optimization. We will help you achieve your goals according to your specific needs, your business areas and your current your company structure.

              We can establish whole structure with all the necessary documents needed to legally optimize your payable taxes. With careful tax planning, you can achieve both full compliance and an optimized tax result. Find out more information about tax optimization.

              Moreover if you need to protect your assets and money we can provide you our asset protection services as well.

              Cash transfer to/from Europe
              • Providing a comprehensive and careful step by step advisory plan to safely transfer money to/from Europe and manage the risk of your international transactions is the easiest way how to start your business in Europe.

              • We assist you with opening a bank account, either personal or corporate one. Our financial experts also provide effective banking and funding solutions for your business.

              • By our comprehensive security measures you comply all anti money laundering regulations in Europe.

              Marketing services in European markets

              Are you entering a European market? Do you need European marketing support? We can provide full range of marketing services to satisfy your needs.

              We combine individual solutions and services for your specific requirements. Your projects and processes in marketing and distribution will get more successful if follow up a well-designed marketing plan.

              Our marketing advisors can help you with:

              • branding
              • e-commerce
              • direct distribution and direct marketing
              • social media advertising
              • newspaper and radio advertising
              • web development
              • search engine optimization
              • PR and communications
              • telesales
              • advertisement and public awareness program
              • CRM
              • video production
              • arrangements for customer recovery and customer loyalty

              Let us help you to effectively target your potenial customer’s base. 

                Legal advisory

                Our experienced attorneys at law can provide you complex support for your business efficiency and security.

                Legal advisory is one of the most important areas in each business, because proper strategies with all legal matters secured can save you lot of money, time and problems with counterparts or authorities.

                We cover full range of business legal counseling and services, such as:

                • common commercial law
                • mergers and acquisitions
                • foreign investments
                • real estate and construction
                • intellectual property
                • IT law
                • labour and employment law
                • anti-trust and competition law
                Event management

                Visiting events, exhibitions and fairs

                • visa assistance, accommodation services, data gathering services, setting effective B2B meetings, translator accompaniment, 24/7 advisory

                Exhibiting at a fair

                • budget planning and management, space rental, stand design and construction, on-site support

                Organizing your event

                • strategic development plan, obtaining licenses, budget planning, venue searching and contracting, online delegate registration service, ticketing and catering service, design and production of delegate material, on-site support
                Visa and residency permits

                For residents from non-EU countries and the Schengen area, obtaining a visa for business purposes is a necessity for regular business trips and the establishment of a business structure.

                In terms of long term stay, our professionals can help keep your business and employees on the track. We can prepare and file all necessary applications and documents. We can also combine our services to deliver a customized business traveler program to get your permanent residency in the next step.

                Visa assistance services include:


                • collecting or preparing all the documents needed for your visa and residency permit
                • help translating and verifying all documents
                • help filling out the visa application
                • accompanying you to the foreign police / Ministry of the Interior office
                • 24/7 advisory and support
                Language assistant (translator/interpreter)

                Professionally trained linguists and interpreters, highly qualified with many years of experience in the fields of technology, law, medicine, social services, education and more will be happy to assist you and take care of your translations.

                From easy business correspondence to company brochures, web sites and technical instruction manuals.

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