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Let us find for you the suitable way, how to protect your assets and secure your ownership.
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Services provided for your asset protection

Making money and buying and creating assets is just a part of the wealth success. Apart from other services we provide clients asset protection and security measures to help the secure their wealth and money in the future too and to protect them against unfavorable circumstances.

Foundations, trust and holding structures

Your assets should be protected in every single moment and our asset protection planning help clients to avoid many possible risks which could threaten their wealth.

As a protective measures we often suggest clients to create the proper structure which will serve client’s goals. Thanks to legal entities such as foundations, trusts and holding structures, we achieve strong asset security which won’t be vulnerable by many risks and third parties actions impacts.

Ownership anonymity

As a part of asset protection measures, there is often needed to anonymize the asset ownership. This is possible to achieve by forming legal entities and structures and using all possible services such as nominee directors and shareholders.

International and local authorities still tightening laws and regulations in the name of fight against terorism financing, money laundering and other proxy reasons. These measures, however, deprive owners of funds of the fundamental and legal right to their protection and it’s harder and harder to do so.

We help your clients to find the legal ways and loopholes to anonymize ownership of their assets and be invisible to possible attacks of frauds and other threats.

Foreign companies establishment

Establishing foreign companies and connecting them to the asset ownership structure is another tool, how to anonymize the ownership and be more protected against fraudalent attacks.

Our advisors can take care of whole company incorporation and related documents needed. According to your targeted goals, we than select the most suitable jurisdiction for you. You can get even more information about foreign company establishment here.

Foreign bank accounts and deposit boxes

Opening a foreign bank account is much more complicated today than it ever was. Due to the validity of the OECD-initiated mutual agreement on exchange of bank account information, there are relatively few jurisdictions and countries where it is possible to open a bank account without informing the client’s home country.

However, if anonymity is not the main reason for opening a bank account in a foreign country, it is not a problem to open an account in countries with a high-quality banking system such as Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria and other countries.

If you require the storage of physical valuables, we provide options for opening a safe deposit box, either in a bank or in a private banking company, but without reporting to the relevant authorities, located all around the world.

Contact us for more information on opening foreign bank accounts and safe boxes.

Wealth management

Are you interested in a wealth management service? According to your requirements we can provide you an individual strategy where exactly and how to properly allocate your assets to keep them the most profitable and the most secure.

This is an individual service which has to be tailored to the exact client needs and goals.

We cooperate with private banks, investors, funds and real estate agencies, so we can professionaly help you to get the best of your wealth at high level of security with the reach of all around the world.

Second passport

Some countries around the globe are attracting new residents and investors the way, that client is able to recieve second passport and citizenship with all the advantages related. 

This can be very useful option for clients looking for 100% anonymity.

At the moment we can help you get the second citizenship in these countries:

  • Cyprus (EU access)
  • Bulgaria (EU access)
  • Malta (EU access)
  • Dominica
  • St. Kitts & Nevis
  • St. Lucia
Safety house

Our safety house service is designed for everyone, who is affraid of the current international situation. This service keeps you prepared for unexpected circumstances such as armed conflicts, terorism threats and other danger.

You can imagine this service as a tool to prepare you a second home for the case you need it. It includes:

  • selecting another destination where to built a base
  • property investment which can be used as a second home in case of necessity and a small profit gainer before (renting the property)
  • company and business establishment
  • visa and residency permit for client and his whole family
  • bank account with survival money allocated in a different currencies
  • safe deposit box with valuables and precious metals and cash money in different currencies for usage
  • mobil phones and other technical equipment
  • long term expiration drink and food supplies

Become the one, who is prepared! Do not wait until it’s late.

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