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EME ADVISORS is an independent global business consultation company based in Europe. Our mission is to ease a connection between Europe and Middle East. We help clients to use opportunities and potentials of countries on the opposite part of the world. Our goal is to provide professional and high quality services to create solutions that really work and help clients to solve various situations.


Today, we assist clients all over the Europe and Middle East from our offices in Prague, Tehran and Dubai. We’re mainly specialized in the fields of business and trade, investments, tax optimization, asset protection, living and studying in foreign countries. We provide highly personalized service with forthcoming approach to all client’s requirements and wishes.


Core areas of our focus


Business and trade consulting


  • We can help you to take care of all business development matters, we provide analysis for entering foreign markets, assistance for legal issues, big industry establishment, export and import rules and agreements, money flow according to banking policies and for all other necessary things with your business.
  • We create opportunities for companies by providing focused product and services export assistance, market research, and fostering level playing fields for EU businesses in Middle East countries and vice versa.
  • We help promoting client’s brands and products in new markets and increase their market share.



  • It doesn’t matter where our client is at the moment, Europe or Middle East. In each case we can find suitable investment opportunity, where to allocate the money.
  • According to client’s risk profile we are choosing suitable investments to achieve client’s profit targets.
  • We can offer you low risk investments such as property ownership (residencial or commercial) but also higher risk investments without profit limitation such as startups businesses on a greenfield site or brownfield project investments joint ventures.
  • Our advisors have rich experiences with investments in many possible interesting fields.

Tax optimization and asset protection


  • Many clients are looking for solutions how to legally optimize their taxes and our advisors can be very helpfull with establishing company structures and holdings to direct the profit flow. According to detailed planning we will prepare a strategy and take care of it’s accomplishment.
  • If you already have your assets and looking for solutions to maintain and protect your wealth, we can safely allocate them in different parts of the world, so your resources will be ready to use even in case of unexpected circumstances.
  • Apart from mentioned, we can also provide you safety strategy for you and your family and prepare you safety house for unfavourable situations in your main country.

Living and studying


  • We ease the ways of living and studying in the EU countries.
  • We individually assess each student’s needs combined with our knowledge of available programs, admissions requirements and living conditions in a number of universities in Europe in order to recommend a country and university that matches their preferences. We guide them through every step, from the admission, to the visa process, to travelling arrangements, and arriving & finally settling down legally abroad.
  • We will provide with a full immigration service in responsible, update and professional manner. Home and school search, immigration procedure, business formation and ongoing support are some of our relocation services in EME ADVISORS.

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For every case we are working with maximal effort to achieve all goals set by our clients. We provide professional services which are adapted to client’s demand and our experts are here for any kind of consultation with a client. All our advisors are well trained and equipped with deep knowledge of current legislation processes and are able to advise clients in many different areas.


Overall, EME ADVISORS offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to assist clients across all areas needed. All our services are carefully created in cooperation with our legal office partner to make clients satisfied and provide them complete solution for their needs according to valid legislation.

How do we work?

We encourage our clients to tell us their story, so we can understand their businesses, their needs and goals they want to achieve. According to this, we can prepare the best possible plan and avoid many risk factors at the beginning.


We analyse client’s needs and requirements.


We prepare the best strategy for client. 


We carefuly implement all parts of the strategy.


Client gets effective solution for his requirements. 

New opportunities and potential around the globe

Expand your horizon and discover new ways to grow your business or expose new possibilities for living in foreign countries.

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United Arab Emirates

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EME ADISORS is european based consulting company with branches in Middle East and direct link to Middle East. We provide our services to help our clients grow their business, development and we also ease individuals living abroad.

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Office address:
Sokolovska 2170/161
180 00 Praha 8
Czech Republic

+420 775 248 816 (English, Farsi, Arabic)
+420 702 123 139 (English, Czech)


Office address:
Ahmadi Zamani 20
19717/54411 Tehran

+98 921 192 7102 (Farsi, English)


Office address:
Jumeirah Business Centre 3
Cluster Y, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)
United Arab Emirates

+420 702 123 139 (English, Czech)


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