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All range of services that will help you to use the potential and opportunities in Europe and Middle East.
What we offer

See what services we can offer to clients from Europe and Middle East

We offer our clients whole portfolio of services they can possibly need when doing business in Europe or Middle East. Besides, we provide services connected with living in foreign countries, such as visa and immigration assistance and many more.

Clients from Europe


Business development in Middle East markets

Are you looking for new opportunites to grow your business and expand? We specialize in business development and consulting for growing economies in Middle East and we can help you with all kind of specific needs and requirements while entering new markets with ensuring all legal aspects.  Read more.


International trade services and consulting

You already find out which country you would like to target and you need an assitance with exporting your services or products and goods? You are in the right place. Read more.


Investment strategies for Middle East

Do you want to invest in emerging markets and growing economies with amazing possibilities of profit? Middle East countries can be the right choice for investing your money. Read more.


Tax planning and optimization

According to your specific needs, we will prepare you corresponding tax optimization strategy to achieve your goals. We can establish whole structure with all legal documents needed.  Read more.


Asset protection

Do you want to have backup plan for your assets? We can help you deversify your assets and money allocation.  Read more.

Clients from Middle East


Business services and consulting for European countries and EU

Are you Middle East based company or entrepreneur and you want to spread your business activities to Europe? We will help you with all matters related to your business and take care of all permissions form legal authorities. We will help you establish a branch of your company in Europe, prepare all business documents needed and start the business. Read more.


Immigration advisory services

You want to spend some time in Europe for business or personal matters or even move to Europe permanently? We can assist you during all legal residency processes and deal with authorities.  Read more.


Investing in Europe

Looking for stable and secure investment environment where to allocate your capital? European countries are very suitable for this purposes. We can help your money grow with the lowest risk possible. Read more.


Studying in Europe

Do you want to study in Europe and start your European life from here? We can help you to realize your plans and wishes. Read more.

New opportunities and potential around the globe

Expand your horizon and discover new ways to grow your business or expose new possibilities for living in foreign countries.

Europe and EU

Are you looking for new business opportunities or possibilities of living in Europe? We can help you.

Read more

Iran and Middle East

Do you feel the potential of Middle East markets? Let’s find out how you can grow your business.

Read more

United Arab Emirates

Are you interested in tax optimization and asset protection? UAE are no. 1 for many clients.

Read more

Why you should work with us?

Complexity of services

We provide all range of services to clients worldwide and we are able to find and prepare on demand solutions for specific needs according to your requirements.

Working solutions

We don’t lure clients for unaccomplishable solutions and we know, that only happy client can recommend us further. That’s why we stand by proposed solutions.

Experience & professionality

All our employees and co-workers are carefully educated with regard to long-term experience and professionality. We also care for knowledge in modern trends of international relations.

Affordable pricing policy

We know, that especially starting businesses has to be very cost effective. That is one of the reasons why we are providing our services at affordable prices and rather on long-term basis.

Qaulity and flexibility

Everything we do, we do the best way possible to accomplish client’s goals. All documents and statements are prepared by our specialists in particular professions.

VIP full service

In comparison with others we provide solutions from A to Z. We take care of you with full assistance. In many cases we can represent you in front of legal authorities even without your presence.

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Our clients say about us…

Have a look what our existing clients said about us and our services.

"EME ADVISORS are unmatched to any business consultant we've ever had at Czech Republic. They are absolute professionals. They are patient and thorough. From the point of view of our project – they gave us an easy way to meet and gradually deal with Middle Eastern producers and distributers. They are intuitive about our needs. We appreciate their hard working.”

Jaromir Trcalek

CEO, Tryon, s.r.o

“I was extremely pleased with the consultant provided by EME Advisors. They brought the optimal mix of analyzed data, legal and accounting knowledge and real world experience. Their need assessment query was perfectly done to ensure that are meeting our requirements. “

Gafar Zare

Financial investor, Dubai-Sharjah

“We likely could not have successfully implemented our project but for the assistance of EME Advisors. We worked with EME for expand our business to Czech Republic and Europe. They provide us really effective B2B meetings with our potential partners and assisted us during the whole process of new market entrance”

Amir Hami

CEO, BolandPayeh Co.

How do we work?

We encourage our clients to tell us their story, so we can understand their businesses, their needs and goals they want to achieve. According to this, we can prepare the best possible plan and avoid many risk factors at the beginning.


We analyse client’s needs and requirements.


We prepare the best strategy for client. 


We carefuly implement all parts of the strategy.


Client gets effective solution for his requirements. 

Request consultation with our advisors

Our advisors will be happy to help you with your specific requests and needs. Do not hesitate to contact us and get consultation for free.

We are ready to help you

EME ADISORS is european based consulting company with branches in Middle East and direct link to Middle East. We provide our services to help our clients grow their business, development and we also ease individuals living abroad.

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Office address:
Sokolovska 2170/161
180 00 Praha 8
Czech Republic

+420 775 248 816 (English, Farsi, Arabic)
+420 702 123 139 (English, Czech)


Office address:
Ahmadi Zamani 20
19717/54411 Tehran

+98 921 192 7102 (Farsi, English)


Office address:
Jumeirah Business Centre 3
Cluster Y, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)
United Arab Emirates

+420 702 123 139 (English, Czech)


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